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Originally Posted by anotherlight
Not sure just what you mean by "ineffective" guides of others. They don't respond? They give incorrect information? They give conflicting information?
You also asked how one would know if a guide is capable?
A guide is supposed to take/lead you somewhere. In the case of a spiritual guide, they are supposed to promote your spiritual growth or assist you on your spiritual journey.

An ineffective guide is on that does not provide useful benefit on the spiritual journey.

For instance a lot of supposed guides give dates or time frames for various events or opportunities that are just plain wrong. When questioned why they were wrong, they say time is very hard for them. Perhaps so, but it makes them ineffective at guiding.

Another thing I see is that they are not that advanced and don't actually know much more than the ones they are trying to guide. So they might be of some help but its very limited.
Originally Posted by anotherlight
Guides are on the highest level in spirit, they are what their name implies -- guides to keep us on our path. I guess the only way I can explain their validity is experience, and inner knowing.
I am sure this is just not the case, guides seem to be nothing more than non-physical beings willing to assist. Sure, some of them are at the 'highest level' but most seem far less developed.

The odd thing to me is how many people have ineffective guides and make excuses for them being ineffective, my dad was a prime example.
Originally Posted by anotherlight
I guess it's one of those things you just "know" and no one can tell you different.
Well the being certain part is true. However, people seem woefully naive about how many 'spirit' beings are in fact just ordinary non-physical beings taking advantage. They have their own agendas and your well being is at best incidental. Many are unscrupulous and have no inhibition about taking advantage of inexperience spiritual seekers.

Apparently you are relying mostly on 'know'ing. So I will rephrase, how certain are you that your knowing is correct?
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