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Emeraldheart - I completely agree with seeing all the branches coming together and personal missions being highlighted. The shifts are starting to come in alignment with others and we (those of us who are just tuning in) are getting an idea of the massive amounts of people and energy it's taking to complete. I'm more excited because of the shape our efforts is taking.

I had a huge struggle with Jesus and churches, as well as all the martyring propaganda that is bread into them. The thing was I WANTED to love Jesus but it didn't feel right the way it was taught mainstream. I hated all the violence and mind control that the name had associated with it for centuries.

It wasn't till a soulmate gave me permission 5 years ago to love God and worship the way I felt like was right for me that i started to heal my relationship with God. Then last year that I no longer wanted to be controlled by my fear/mistrust that I finally forgave Jesus (sounds funny, right?) by forgiving myself. He didn't want people to use him in harmful ways! After that it was full speed ahead of self discovery. I love Jesus and don't need a book or others to tell how to love. In fact, it wasn't till I met Him that I was able to move on with the TF crud. So a huge block... Lots of love and comfort in your efforts!

I'll check out the My Space section, thanks!
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