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Originally Posted by jojobean
my friend Laura gave me a Japanese maple as a tiny sapling for Mothers day one year. I felt it was too young to plant in the ground so I nourished it in a bigger pot, watered it, talked to it, and turned it once a week so that the sun could take care of it on both ends. After two years of growing it in a pot, it now has a place in my garden. it's doing great and I tell it all the time how beautiful it is and how happy I am to have it with me.

I guess I should start calling it a she, instead of it. She's a gorgeous red head, with strong limbs and she brings me much joy.
My little ginkgo tress are like that for me. I am wanting for them to wake up and start growing again. After this year ill have to find some permanent spots for them. This is going to be there 2nd year.
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