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Feedback for Angelic Star: Good Job! The Ancestor from the Fantod forever stalks me, and your right it would be the kid's father who comes down for the holidays to celebrate Christmas with us (normally we all travel somewhere). I think too would cheaper not to fly out of the state. More money for presents

Angelic Star: Question. In regards to T, will it be wise to look at alternatives or look for ways to replace them for the best possible outcome ?

From the Hermetic Tarot: Six of Cups and Ace of Swords ( Bare with me I am new with this complex deck/Mixes Astrology). I wouldn't replace, but work with the shadow aspects of what T arose in you from deep below the surface/deep subconscious. Although, I get the sense of new beginnings is pivitol however, with the Ace and I feel it would be wise or important to analyze the deep rooted past you have with this individual ( Maybe even soul karmic clearing if that is even a thing? Saw guided meditations on Karmic clearing). At any case, my sense here is work on de cluttering before 'replacing'. Using Meditation, Self love, self nurturing, maybe build some self esteem, less projecting

Question: What should be my focus for the holidays/Christmas season to come?
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