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Originally Posted by tealily
ooh, that's a cool deck. ping Pisces Moon!

King of Pent, 10 of Pent

The vibe here is ALL about boundary-setting; you're going to have to really "work" on a structured relationship with T - keep emotions out of it and in a weird way, be as professional/mature as possible in your dealings with them.

Q: A pertinent thought for the day, please :)

Thank you for the message. That's the hardest part, I actually am keeping emotions aside from the very beginning. It isn't personal for me although their attitude hasn't really been great so far and that makes out interactions not so nice at time. I really do not look forward to our interactions together. I am more the patient kind, I wait so the job gets done, but I am not quite sure what I can do to let this unpleasant energy pass.

Reading for tealily

The waltzing mouse, The feather ~ The Fantod pack w=300&h=300

It feels you have reduced yourself in an event/ societal norms/ conflicts on the outside, when inside you are much more bigger than your material achievements, which also you might be too humble to notice, or that you are forgetting to connect to your true inner divine nature, there is false perception of sense and reality for you concerning your true nature and you need to find that place away from the play/ norms of the outside.

I hope this relates somehow.

Question. In regards to T, will it be wise to look at alternatives or look for ways to replace them for the best possible outcome ?
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