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Originally Posted by Leighqt
M Rakel

6 Pentacles and 10 cups

Ground your roots as you transition to the next phase

Thank you :) Can I ask why you sent this message? I am certain it was meant for me, even if perhaps it was not intentional, but I'm so curious how it happened. I haven't been in this thread for quite some time.

But thank you, the message makes me feel 'among friends'.

Tealily: Why have I felt so tired lately, despite plenty of sleep?

(Dragonfae: Fernia & Queen Mab. You are wide awake - in clarity - because you are remembering old wisdoms.
That doesn't make any sense...! Lol)

Q cups / K cups: Seems you've been dealing with some emotional development subconciously, working towards a better balance between emotional & material, subconcious and concious.

Should be better soon, it seems :)

Q: Will real healing come through acceptance and patience or from some sidedoor, a new venture?
Love and Light - and Life!

And we turn our attention to the world, not away. We receive our learning from the songs it sings and the choir of One we're all in.

And while we walk gently, we generate love, healing, the most powerful energy of all, Life!

Soaking in life, we spread the light <3
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