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Resources about Islam Faith?

Originally Posted by LoGronn
Well as you know, translations varies and just like every translated sacred text, the Quran also has many different translations. I myself dislike translations of any piece of work, so unless I know the original language of the piece I do not read, watch, listen to or play it, well at least that is what I have been doing recently. I read the translation of the Quran, the Protestant canon of the Bible and a few Catholic deuterocanonical books a few years ago when I was not following this rule.

But the Quran also had different versions in Old Arabic when it was first made into a book, (Muslims like to deny this fact by the way.)
Religion is advice, the meaning of slavery, the number four, unlucky or ignorance in Chinese yet at the same time enlightening of the underdeveloped, it must be asked for and has many meanings, the most efficient being one, yet numbers are digital and the Quran was originally set in analogue script; Haqqanoah; Thank you.
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