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Originally Posted by LoGronn
The only sources of Islam are the sacred texts of the religion, the Quran, the hadiths, tafsir and the siras.
As I have heard there are different versions of the Quran, like there are of the Bible?
Thank you very much for mentioning the hadiths, tafsir and siras.
I will try to find out more.
I just want to learn more about all the religions, so that I understand.
So that, maybe, I can build a bridge when encountering people in everyday life.
That is all.
"It is raining."
"Be happy then."
"Why should I be happy when it's raining?"
"Because when you are not happy, it will be raining still."
No matter who you are, no matter your gender, color of skin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, music taste or what ever, I fail to see any difference here.
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