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The Universe has decreed my children need shampoo and must wash their hair!

Soooo. My kids are at some sort of threshold of hygiene that comes with transitioning to their teen years - they hate to bathe and wash their hair and yet they are becoming aware of others they may "like". It's a hair-wrenching battle (pun intended), as both assure me that they are bathing and washing their hair, yet their hair looks mysteriously oily.

And the Universe has also noticed - yes it has. And sent a free sample bottle of shampoo to drive home the point. As I was pondering why the heck have I received a free men's bottle of shampoo in the mail, I see my son dodging my view with his oily hair. Then my daughter makes her self known who lets me know she needs DRY shampoo (God help me). This resistance to shampoo will no longer stand! Children. No more dodging shampoo (we don't need the dry kind), for heaven's sake! (If you are a parent, you will recognize the struggle is real.)
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