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Originally Posted by Delay_Reaction
The way I see it, telling others to keep the faith or to believe in something isn't bad.

Telling people to move on when something isn't serving them isn't bad either.

I was told on another relationship forum (which has a lot more heartbreak than this one) that I was never in a relationship with my twin, that I was just wasting my time chasing her and I made a huge mess out of it by repeating patterns I hadn't bothered to fix. I was told that I should go seek therapy to cure my emotional unavailability. It was a completely rational analysis.

But people telling me to go seek therapy wasn't helping me. My ego would not allow me to listen to internet keyboard warriors.

After discovering this forum, I felt I needed to make a change on my own. First, by letting go of all the anger I was feeling, then releasing my ego. Telling someone "I love you" without expecting anything in return and being okay with it was something I never thought was possible. But I did and felt fine afterwards. It was freeing.

This "theory" helped me get over some really deep seeded fears I had; unrequited love. I also managed to establish a dialogue with my twin because of it.

It's all about the work we decide to put in to help ourselves, not about the beliefs we choose to follow.

Thank you for this reminder.

I have made quantum leaps in my understanding of relationships since finding this twinflame phenomenon and have done so much work that I know I am now a better person than before and would have no trouble finding a good relationship with anyone, even if my twin is not the one, I can let go with love and have no expectations of him coming back. I have been doing that consistently since I met him and he keeps coming back. It is like being a yo-yo, tie the string too tight and the yo-yo pings back too fast, too loose and it falls slack. We have to adjust the tension and balance in the relationship and that is true of every relationship, not only a twinflame one. I am not ready to concede that it is false theory or that I am crazy for believing in it.
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