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Originally Posted by jonesboy
One can't be in the present moment if one is caught up in issues/fears

Well they are in the present moment. How could they not be? It's just the present moment for them is about what they are paying attention to and experiencing, which in your example is issues and fears. We are always in the present moment.

Originally Posted by jonesboy
It's about clearing out obstructions

That is making this current moment about an idea, a thought. "It" or this now can be about nothing at all. Just residing in this non-verbal now, in inner and outer peace as love. Why add an idea of imagined conflict to now? Imagining an obstruction and imagining this imagined thing needs to be cleared out. That is self created conflict in the now.

To the person who is experiencing un-necessary or un-needed issues and fears, they have to understand they are creating that by allowing their attention and energy to go to and feed these things. But then also some "issues" and "fears" are appropriate to what is happening in one's life at that particular time. So the issues and fears should be there and are in fact positive and good. They are there to deal with what is present.

Life is a flow, in one moment we may be peacefully smelling a flower in a park, then someone starts shooting a gun and we are filled with fear and we run in a panic. In the end and in the present, it is about love. Did we make others and our own lives better by us being here, or did we cause suffering in others or ourselves? End conflicts, don't create them with ideas or actions. Love ourselves and others unconditionally. Understanding instead of judging.
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