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Originally Posted by running
bliss and silence isn't a doing or have an agenda. which could be seen as the ultimate compassion. since it is love(joy) itself. it is silence itself. and when one opens. opens enough to be in that silence, that bliss. that fire that everything is like paper to. one is also open to whats around them. thankfully because the bliss and silence outpowers everything else. although you may expereince depresssion or other things from others. they are just paper to the fire of bliss and silence. its the ultimate protection that is of joy(love) and silence. the thing all things crave.

the heart is the key. somehow its from the opening and unraveling of the heart that seems to lift, open, and unravel everythting else. how this happens is a bit of a mystery and different for everybody. but things like meditation, pranayama, transmissions from persons in that and or presence have shown to be helpful. among many other practices. or sometimes it just happens perhaps.

Good stuff :)
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