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Originally Posted by Phaelyn
We are merged with this human body and it's brain and we don't leave the body until it stops working. So really it is about changing our relationship with the body and it's mind, not escaping it which is impossible until death. So it as input is always there, but then through awareness we can stop identifying with it, can learn to direct our attention elsewhere. Also what we actually are, not what we have or what we are merged with, is not a state. The state is determined by what it's relationship is with what is external to it. The primordial state would be referring to it as it is, unaffected. In human terms, which is the point of it, it would be non-identifying or liberation from human content, but even there it is not referring to the senses just the content of verbal interpretative mind.

The body is energy that is no different nor separate from the mind or all that is around you.

The Primordial State is being one with everything in all dimensions and beyond space and time.

Your view is still limited based on your concepts :)

To me it is like peeling an onion. A slow process. Yes one forgets and goes back into mind, but mind is a little nicer, a little more kind, there are residual effects to being in a non-verbal state. One also understands more, is aware of more. Likewise, if one gets lost in some negative emotion, like anger, that too can have a residual effect for days after the experience. These things, as you say, are energies. They may take awhile to dissipate. Also we are talking about learning things. When you first learn something, you may have some difficulty remembering it. You go back to old patterns. But as you do it more and more, it eventually becomes the norm. It takes time and like I said, that time could be lifetimes. I read once in a book that this one person took 100 incarnations to get rid of jealously. One person may spend an entire incarnation to learn even the smallest compassion by caring for a sickly dog they found. Eventually that person could devote their life to caring for lepers or all others.

It's about clearing out obstructions. Once they are clear, yes things are better but one can also strongly attach to other things or reattach to issues and fears.

It isn't a learning, that is all mental and just behavior changes. Spiritual work is about changes to ones being not mental attitudes. Though they can be effected.

I would say that if it took someone a 100 lifetimes to let go of an issue their practice wasn't very effective. It also shows the power of attachments.

Much like being anti teacher is an issue/fear. Being against help or guidance is a mental block.. You can post a thousand reasons why it is bad but so could anyone who is against something or angry at someone or jealous of someone.

If you really believe in loving and caring for others how much can you really love and care for others if your heart isn't open enough to receive it yourself?
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