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Dearest Sparrow,

As I see you have been back on the forum on another thread (I believe I was guided to check on your activity while reading your older posts), I would like to bring forth a discussion that I have been contemplating for a long time. I had always been of the understanding that Spirit encompasses all that exists, as it is equal to God and Source. But often I was left puzzled: How can there be nothing that Spirit is not, as you have said, when we can become to some extents and in some ways disconnected from it? I'm starting to receive clarity on this from my Spirit, and it seems it has to do with the distinction between Source and Spirit. That Source is what everything is made out of, and Spirit is disctinct from that. Can you please clarify, i.e. how is it possible we have experiences outside of full Spiritual wholeness? How is it possible that such experiences, and realities can be created?

By the way, I am beginning to explore a new interest in playing the alto saxophone and contemplating music and its effects.

Thank you, old friend.
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