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Originally Posted by sourcetruth
In the case of there being multiple possible constructions, we would need various standards by which to evaluate these various constructions. We must start by establishing a foundation by which we view reality through, and then with this we can evaluate the foundations of the various constructions. In Quartz Crystal's construction of reality, it is based on idealism (version of monism which asserts only mind fundanetally exists).

If we can establish idealism, we can rule out other constructions not based on it. Then we can work form the bottom up to see if our foundations support what follows aftwerwards in the construction.

But is not any foundation we establish based on ideas. Even the version of idealism you establish is an idea about what exists and what doesn't. The conclusions may follow from the premises, but the premises are assumed, not established. If we accept one foundation as truth and then use it to evaluate the foundations of others, then all we are accomplishing is to filter reality based on the set of standards we have premised as real. Which is fine, this is more or less how any one finite experience of reality is drawn out from the infinity of realities that lie within the mind of God (or source if you prefer). Even if we delude ourselves into believing our selected reality construct is the one true reality with which to judge others as false, that only deepens our experience of that selected reality.
Its a trade off I suppose. The deeper we are drawn into a story, the more real and intense it seems to be, and the more moving the experience of it becomes. If we keep our distance and maintain some objectivity, then it becomes more of an observation and analysis of the story, a different kind of experience. First person vs third. Ultimately, they are all stories, different morals and different ways to discover them, different ways to grow from the experiences. Each story perhaps illustrative of different profound truths, yet the profound truths are still just the fingers pointing to the moon, not the moon itself.
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