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Originally Posted by ketzer
Well then, it seems you have found your solid ground. QC provides explanations for just about any question you could ask. She paints a fascinating picture of reality. Function is coherently explained, the forms fit together, yet I don't see beauty in the picture. My instincts are telling me that this ground is not a solid as it appears, so I think I will continue to float about. Hopefully when the dark times do inevitably set in, your beliefs will not corrode away on you.
Good luck.

I think that the real question here is thinking about what makes up what we think of as a solid foundation. In these kinds of questions, this is of critical importance of when we try to determine if we have a solid foundation. In fact, the kinds of inquiry we are engaging in may even cause us to call into question how we think of what makes a solid foundation, and reevaluate it, because of the nature of these issues.
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