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I'm not sure about being more 'woke' personally. I just put it down to being a creative type with an active visual imagination and a healthy dose of curiosity
I've got a lot left to experience as a soul yet, maybe not as much on earth after this but elsewhere at least.

Lol... Your mason story is funny. The only slightly related story I have is when some mason dude in my community 'granted' my all women's dance group the use of the inner sanctum hall for one of our weekly classes haha.
Apparently it was some kind of unusual privilege to be women in the room My goodness, it was all a bit lame (forum banned word).

I did quietly consider relocating their golden eagle statue for use in a tropical garden design as I thought it'd look pretty cool in such a setting, the practicalities of smuggling it out were not in my favour haha ha.

Otherwise, the whole thing kind of just amused me, on a practical level, the black and white floor was useful for measuring dance steps haha.

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