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Originally Posted by Ariaecheflame
Interesting comment For some reason I wasn't able to absorb your reply when you first posted it.
I feel the same way about my experiences in this realm as well. I wouldn't have had such confronting visions unless I was ready for them and like you, they served to strengthen my courage and trust in my own personal connection to God.
I was not so worried about loosing my mind, I just kind of realised that the extent of the levels to spiritual manipulation go much deeper then I can really understand or care to know. I figure that these kinds of things are on a "need to know" basis lol so I just go with the flow of intuition with this stuff and arrive wherever I'm supposed to be.

Your reply was interesting, as I was saying earlier, I'd not given it so much thought as I tend to put most of this stuff through a personal and psychological lense and I've not really pondered the spiritual aspect so much as it all exists on some plane of astral existence which has always seemed mostly illusory to me, none the less it is a powerful place to reside if your a dealer of illusions lol... But that's just my current take on it.

Thanks for the chance to ponder

Thanks :) Listen to this, I met the masons in the astral realm and then some months later, in real life, a mason came to propose me to be one of them, crazy, right? Prior to this, I never met a mason in my entire life, he became the boyfriend of my cousin, anyway, after I said no, he broke up with my cousin, just like that. I know there is manipulation there, you can think that you work for God and you find yourself working for the devil So this is why it's important to not let these experiences take over your life and shape who you are, learn from there if there's something to be learned and move on.

I was tormented there by some dark things, I saw some army men installing devices in the astral realm, and after all of this, I am still pretty much the same person, some become obsessed with these things and lose their minds but in my case, after a whole life of struggles and suffering, I can endure many things

So, I think we only touch the surface when it comes to the astral realms.

I think we have much in common, and I think, we, the astral travelers, are part of a select group on this planet that it's aware of the deeper things beyond this reality, you may saw that we are a little bit more awake than the rest of humanity.
My Father and your Father, the Father of all, the Supreme Being, is calling us to the Truth. Can't you hear His call, the knocks in the door? Open the door, so the Truth may dwell within you.
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