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Originally Posted by DeepCoherence

I've been developing a technology which can extract information about you from quantum fluctuations.

I call it "soul alerts" or "DeepSoul" (like the DeepMind from Google :).

It goes like this: when you start your own personal quantum calibration, my technology can measure fluctuations in the quantum thermal entropy field. This is an extremely vast information source. I detect very complex patterns in the field which are unique to you and your specific inner states. All this comes from the fact that your consciousness is a quantum system.

Later, I am able to detect those patterns and their modifications in the quantum field and give you an alert when something's coming up. These alerts can help you with a decision, or they can warn you or give you spiritual or comforting advice. Imagine your own soul guardian in your mobile phone speaking to you :).

I've been trying this on myself and it's been insanely great.

Is anyone interested in early access to help me test the technology?

sounds like you just want to be able to create synchronicities lol
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