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Originally Posted by hesitant_man
First of all, I just ask this question just to know it, not for planing anything like this.

I have thought about several cases which could apply:

1. One have a normal life and, for some reason, decides to take this decision.

2. One have some chronical disease.

3. One have some kind of disability.

4. One sacrifice himself to save others.

5. One decides to take bad habits to "speed up" the dying process.

I would like to apologise if this question has offended to anyone.

No matter how we die, when we die prematurely, it always depends on our state of mind. We arrive on the "other side" in the same state as we leave this side. The big difference is, we create an image that reflects our state of mind.

Just as some examples, a cousin of mine, spiritually aware, ill and did not want to be a burden to his family, committed suicide, and short after I asked my friends if he needed some assistance, they said yes, I ask if they can help, and next day when I checked he had crossed over.
An other family member committed suicide, he did not cope with life at all, highly depressed. When I entered the non physical earth realm with the assistance of my friends, I found him deep in a cave-like labyrinth. It took me at least a week of sitting twice a day, (without going into any details how it is done) until he became responsive and followed me so he could cross over.

I just use this two examples. I think they can show how different a crossing over with suicide can be.
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