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The mission appears throughout your daily life. The way you react to things, the vibes you give out to the world.

If you wanna find your mission, find what vibes you enjoy sending out the most. Then do your best to send out as much of those vibes as you can to as many people as possible. This could even be something as simple as, smiling when you walk down the street. Or it could be something as complex as a business idea growing into something great. However big or small, your actions make a difference in the world. So keep an eye out for things you like to do, energies you are attracted to, and what are your strengths, however big or small.

Purpose tends to unfold before your eyes, when you look for it. Often you find your purpose was there all along, clear as day, but you just don't notice it because you never viewed it as "important".

That's "purpose" in a nutshell.
~ Azrael
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