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Thank you for all this feedback. Some major life issues have cropped up since I last posted, and I am so sorry for the delay. My tech person is also experiencing a crisis right now, so things are a little slow moving on this end.

From what I understand, most of the issues faced with SF can be resolved if we can get a dedicated server. The cost is beyond my means, unfortunately, so I have kept things as they are and had my tech help work on adjusting some things in the past to help with overload issues. It has been marginally successful, but we are obviously still encountering issues.

As far as members donating to get SF onto a dedicated server, I am not sure how we would do that. It is a monthly charge, so the donations coming in would have to cover at least half of it to keep it going. From what I recall, a dedicated server is $100/month. I am not positive about that, but I can find out from the hosting company.

If anyone has suggestions about a donation situation where we could make this happen, let me know. I am sorry it takes me a long time to respond at times---I run my own business so things are incredibly busy, and I regret not having a lot of spare time to tackle some of the forum issues. And because I have limited technical knowledge, I feel like I am kind of stumbling around in the dark with these matters.

But I will do what I can to help make this better. In the meantime, if things can be somewhat ok with the setup we have, that at least is something. I know things need to be improved, though, and I will work on making that happen in any way possible.