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Originally Posted by Classic
Well technically the guy that rules doesn't have to be loving. For all we know he is psychopathic and upon death will makes feel pain and horror. I have however come to terms with death as of right now that is. I remember feeling the lowest ever when I believed that Death brought the end of all things and I'd be abyss of nothingness(positive) for all eternity.

The NDE stories kinda make me cringed, with how much religious figures like Jesus and St Paul being in them. I'd feel much better with a netural figure appearing to me after I die and not Jesus or some other religious figure. But that's just me.

God could be a psychopath but there's so many reasons why logically that can't make sense.

You haven't been reading the right NDE's then :) Most people see religious figures like Jesus because that's who they were exposed to as a child. Christianity is very well known.

But there are many other NDE's which are more neutral and which involve experiences with family and other beings and even extraterrestrial species. When you die if you don't want to see Jesus then you won't, unless it's needed for a specific reason. When I had my NDE-like experience and saw 'the Light' I experienced it as a Father God because that is what I needed for healing the religious patriarchal and narcissistic fatherly abuse which had been done to me. After my experience I was very confused and I couldn't accept it for a long time. But now I know I needed it for the sake of healing.

When I die I know I won't experience religious figures because I don't believe in that stuff and now there is no need to. Instead I'll maybe visit my mother first (because she likely will have died before me) and then go back to the realm I belong where my friends (soulgroup) are waiting for me.

Funnily enough though I feel like I know Jesus and might see him at some point. But again that could be because I know his presence from my mother's Christianity.
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