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Want to learn and practice Yoga

I've been putting this off as much as possible. do not know why.
but went to watch Netflix the other day (rarely watch the tube theses days)
and Awake, life of Yogananda popped up and inspired to me to take on this part of my growth.

As i was searching the inter web and getting sponsored and pay me sites popping up and mostly references to western yoga. i think Hatha yoga is what kept popping up.

It dawned on me that i respect the opinions and knowledge on this site more so than the article of some random author i do not know.

I know nothing of Yoga and would like to learn as much as possible. To start I'm not doing this for physical. More spiritual and emotional centering.

Any suggestions as to where to start?

If i had the money and ability to travel i would probably move to India to learn with yogi's if that helps with directing me?
Knowing others is wisdom, Knowing yourself is enlightenment. Lao Tzu
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