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A few days ago, I referenced an article on here from a site called "Speaking Tree" about the quantum mathematics of the Sri Yantra.

Ever since I did that, I have been getting a few notifications in my 'notifications tray' about this and that from "Speaking Tree"....mostly about palmistry and astrology....boring stuff.

Just now, I was getting bogged down in a spectrogram analysis of carbon atoms and doing some mathematical calculations, when this thing popped up on my PC all by itself: smartech

I immediately dropped what I was doing, because Shiva sorta said; "forgetting Me, are you?...tsk...tsk..."

You know guys, I didn't realise that God could be so jealously possessive! :p :p

That being said, I just went into my itunes and started playing it...and this is my most favourite version of it...enjoy!

Aum Namah Shivaya
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