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Originally Posted by Being
There are a lot of very interesting fringe areas within the subject of mental health.

Try searching - mystical psychosis, spiritual emergency, shamanism & schizophrenia, as some examples.

i don't deny that people are unwell/ill in various ways & to various degrees - But i also feel there are spiritual/transpersonal elements to peoples conditions/experiences. i don't see any either/or.

i do think that people could be being far better helped in most cases - i think the 'mentally ill' are being terribly & tragically failed by our current society & mental health systems.

unfortunately, our society is broken right across the board. you are right to do your own research to find other avenues for your issues. Long ago, people such as yourself were thought to have a calling for the life of shaman, there were plant medicines and elders to guide you, now they brand you as ill.
...nature does not know how to lie. It is such a simple observation, that there are no straight lines in Nature.
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