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Originally Posted by Moonglow
I was raised in a Catholic household. My disagreements are in regards to some of the church policies, so feel it is hypicritical of me to attend and support the church.
Just what I work through with myself.

It does bring up some wondering and couriosity in regards to religion because it is so much a part of this human experience. Meaning in the sense of how many may interact with one another.

So, explore a bit different sides and realize it can be a personal area to enter for some.

Hi Moonglow

In complete respect of your position and your feelings. I don't go to Church nor could blindly just accept whatever is "told to me".

i.e. I could not subscribe to beliefs just because I am told, or because I want to believe it, or because it sounds sexy

What I do subscribe to and respect is that - even on these forums - there are many paths into Truth. People on this forum have reported instances of Light and Grace that came to them - opened their eyes to something new/different in this world.

Truth and Grace is unbeholden to, nor limited by, any dualistic forms or sects. Therefore, a Christian can come to know the true meaning of Jesus's message "seek and ye shall find", "the meek shall inherit the Earth", "heaven is within" - just as much as a lone hermit reflecting by the poolside.

Religions which encourage open reflection, meditation, prayer, silence, contemplation and kindness to the fellow wo/man is a good step in my books.

Of course there are sects or religions which aim to keep people from Truth - which is why I said we would probably have to filter at a more granular level before condemning all religions as out of touch and out for power. IMO.

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