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Angel1 Energy surges advice

Hi Everyone

Any advice/opinions given will be most welcome

I have recently lost a cousin with whom I was very close he was living & teaching in Thailand we had lots of fun together bungee balls etc when I visited him in thailand. However before my female cousin told me I already knew that he had passed over not in body but in spirit as he was on life support, they had the agonozing decision of giving permission for his life support to be switched off. I started sending distant energy & ask that his bodys physical passing be natural if that was to be so.
I was awoken at approximately 12.05am with a huge burst of whatb seemed like electrical energy that went through the whole of my body i awokwe thinking that I was having some sort of seizure but when I had gathered my senses realized that it was possible that Joon had passed through from the physical.. I rang my female cousin in the UK where I live the next morning & asked her if John had passed over she confirmed that he had on that same day naturally a blessing that they did not have to make the decision to turn off the life support .