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I am glad! :) I like the messages that almost push the edge a little bit. This has been a big theme of my path. I think it is beautiful because when some realize there really is no envelope to be pushing, and the only illusion of that is from self, or a byproduct of others judging wrongfully (like snide comments in a spiritually almost vulnerable place like church that makes us backtrack) you can go anywhere! & Do anything! So I was stuck in that illusion for way too long, I hope to help other people understand this too. Taking tiny steps is perfectly okay, healthy in fact for most. But for those times when some people are like, "Okay I am ready to SOAR!" It is hard to find guidance for those jumps in my opinion, the process doesn't have to be as precise, but it also doesn't mean the outcome is chaotic, just a lil more layered. The result is always realizing you have more trust for God than you are letting yourself experience, in some ways. Hopin this makes sense!! <3 love
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