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I think at this present moment, everything in my life is hard to understand, but I think I can see what you're saying Miss Hepburn. I am very lucky to have had such a wonderful man as my Dad, I'm just missing him terribly at the moment, I just want to hear his voice down the phone or hug him.

I know it sounds selfish, because I'm thinking of me, and I would never have wanted my Dad to suffer and his suffering was short thank goodness, so he was blessed in that sense. This is so hard. I'm actually a trained bereavement counsellor, but I'm not practising at the moment, so I understand the theory behind grief and I know every grief is completely different, but I just can't go on without him. My partner is devastated too as she was very fond of my Dad and he was of her too. I just want to wake up and this last month hav all been a bad dream...
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