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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
Just be.

This is a super great experience.

Ha, your half way there if you've floated on your back or on a float
in a pool alone, safe, quiet, warm - like a baby in a womb...
earplugs in, all still...not a care.
Logic leads me to believe that 'going back' to the 'womb' of Life so as to feel bliss, love, calm, peace, etc. will not result in one's 'graduating' from the 'school' of incarnational-life if that's all or the 'most' that one does with one's Life. Based on my undestanding I would say that one's soul will just have to incarnate again to continue and (eventually, hopefully) complete its learning/developmental/maturational process in that case. Such self-indulgence is the equivalent of taking a feel-good drug - only OK as an 'aid'. From my treatise:
Souls ‘graduate’ from Earthly-life’s ‘school’ when their reincarnational learning and development ‘curriculum’ has thus been completed. Having realized their Cosmic ‘I’dentity (termed ‘Christhood’ by some and spoken of as [every]one’s ‘Buddha Nature’ by others) to be The Spirit of Life Itself, such souls operationally function as full-fledged colleagues of what Jesus referenced as ‘the Father’ from then on. Those who have grasped the fact that the pronouns I and me as used in Jesus’ statements actually reference The Entity (i.e., the entirety) of Life’s Flow – Why? Because, as elucidated in Chapter 1, he personally completely ‘i’dentified with It! – who now also grok the fact that the above-described reincarnational learning-and‑development-leading-to-graduation process is what ‘leads’ to such collegial*recombination, will have no trouble recognizing that it is said all‑encompassing Flow-phenom, and not himself personally, that Jesus was referencing when he emphatically declared: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me!” (John 14:6)

Now, everything and so everyone in existence (i.e ‘in’ the realm of Creation) is an expression and so an extension of said Father’s (i.e., The Creator’s) Being. So nothing and no one can ever really be separate from ‘Him’ in the first place. What the idea that one may ‘come unto’ ‘the Father’ (as a nodal soul) stems from is the ‘higher order’ exponential (as in f(x)= x to the n
th power) growth‑capacity referencing matrixial truth that one may, by (way of) participating in said reincarnational learning and development process (eventually) become aware of one’s ‘Oneness’ with ‘the Father’ and so, possibly, electively choose to refine one’s motivation and improve the quality of one’s engagement with Life and others in It with the aim of becoming, and thereby actually (eventually) ‘grow’ into being, a full‑fledged partner (not remain a Mommy's 'womb' 'baby'!) in said “Father’s” Love and Joy ‘business’ venture. It is (only!) by repeatedly incarnating as (student) ‘drivers’ in Love and Joy experience-and-expression-capable (body) ‘vehicles’, learning from their successes as well as their failures and consequently becoming more expansively aware and broadly capable along said ‘way’, that souls may (eventually) reach the point where they meaningfully comprehend, integrally embrace and consciously choose to act in accord with the fact that the gestalts of their and others’ selfhoods are really subsidiary ‘i’dentities spawned and animated by our ‘Father’ for the purpose of effectuating and further exploring (as yet) unrealized Love and Joy experience↔expression possibilities. They thereby enter ‘into’ conscious communion with The Life of said Father and then, assuming they continue to function in such ‘unified’ mode (this always remains a matter of choice), ‘eternally’ live so thereafter.
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