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Originally Posted by deepsea
That sounds plausible. I start off with dreaming then awaken to the sound of spirit coming through.
Conversation wise. I do not see them,wish I could.

I only did one time. The other one I was wide wake. The first one I wasn't totally convinced because I had just woke up. The only thing that convinced me it wasn't my imagination was because I found out that he had just died. I also had a dream where some entity or voice told me to read energy. It is very fine, you have to pay attention to read it and it showed me different patterns of energy and how its all around us.
I believe it was trying to show me how to read energy in my dream because that day I happen to turn on a psychic show and the psychic that was on is very fine and have to be very perceptive and open to pick up on it. The exact samething the voice in my dream told me the night before. I think that was a sign.
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