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Originally Posted by Xan
Caityaka.. Ayurveda is a complex system of healing that can't be be easily defined, and there are many different approaches within it.

There are some good introductory books on the subject which explain the basic principles of this "science of life".

From a good book you could do a self-evaluation to see what your dosha pattern is... which is your essential kapha, **** and vata energies... and how to bring yourself into balance through diet, exercise, meditation, herbal medicines and so on.


I am new to this subject as well. Could you suggest any books in particular?
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Project Spirit has set up a energy channel for anyone who needs it. We have it touch down in each country, and net outwards in them. You can access energy from this channel simply by intending to tap into it. Pm me if you'd like more info.
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