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Dear ones, you are all connected in the light and each of you expresses in your own geometrical pattern, your unique vision. Each links to the whole, the geometries

create a pattern that continuously extends toward infinity. In truth, all creation is based in geometry, ever building upon itself. Divine expansion is limitless, yet it all

resides in the now. Imagine everything occurring where you stand or sit. There is but one experiencing, but each being acts as a different filter in which the divine

experiences in. Can you imagine the divine seeing through the eyes of all? If you take this further, you will realize that all being (the one), serves as a conduit of

experience in seeming separation. When you close your eyes and slip into sleep, you are reuniting your individual consciousness with the whole. The fragments that

you call yourselves, are but a projection, there is but one. All functionality is processed within the brain, which is a matrix of light. If you are able to let go of the

idea of individuality, you would realize that the dream images are just imprinted upon the divine idea, and do not truly exist as separate. This concept can be

disturbing to some, but when fully understood, the idea of oneness will sink in, and open you to a greater awareness beyond the dream state that holds your

attention. As you choose to meld back into the divine ocean, that is love, you regenerate in the cosmic oneness. If this were not true dear ones, the dream could

not continue, for you would lose the thread of continuation that is connected to each of your dream lives. The masters fully realize that there is but one being ,

dreaming each life-stream in an illusive world of dreams. In this realization, one no longer identifies with the body as self, because the dream bubble has burst

through self realization, and instead the true realm of the spirit is experienced. All idea of fragments dissolve and love upholds the true reality beyond matter unto

light. If all should awaken, there is no need for the material construct. This, dear ones serves as a platform for experience. When we no longer identify with the

dream but only with the dreamer, which is the divine, time and space collapses on itself, the construct having served its purpose. Can you understand that this

construct dissolves for each seeming being that returns to the idea of oneness. Through the geometry of light the divine distributes this idea throughout creation.

This in essence is what is occurring upon your earth, and solar system, as each idea awakens to the all. Should you take time to meditate on this, much will become

clear. Connect to the oneness in your heart and mind, knowing that each being is but a continuation of self, upheld by agreement in self. The divine is simple, dear

ones. You have made complicated something that is perfect in its simplicity. As all merges ever deeper back into the all, illusion is cast away, dissolving the dream

vault of time and space. Babaji
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