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Dear ones, as you unfold your inner wings of glory and emanate the sweet essence of love, the attraction of love will flourish in your field. It is keeping oneself

vigilant and watchful in all circumstances to overcome the false nature. Purity is your essence and your divine nature is sweet and innocent beyond the reaches of

deceit. When you open your hearts to this truth and in living this inner essence, you will understand fully all that I have shared with you. Once the inner divine is

contemplated, one will never go back to the slavery of the purely material concept. This is a freedom that is yours, beyond anything the finite mind can

contemplate. Therefore, dear ones, set your standards for the highest realization, which is the divine within you. You are all in various positions of making this

discovery. Some of you have reached the point where you are not easily deterred from your desire for perfection. It is most important you all understand that if

your will is aligned with the divine in these times, you can accelerate your growth beyond every expectation you may have believed. There are many of you who are

yet unsure of where you stand. Some waver in the material mind and stay stuck in illusion. This is your chance to make leaps in consciousness, you are not confined

to one outcome. You are emerging as spiritual light, as you heal the darkness upon your earth, and your minds. Remember dear ones that free will is a two edged

sword. Babaji
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