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The challenges that you face each day, dear ones, are purposeful. These help each of you eliminate those thoughts and actions that no longer serve you or

humanity. Be gentle with yourselves, you are creating more quickly, as all comes to a fine focus. Use your powers wisely by integrating your lessons fully. Whatever

has not been fully integrated will again come to your awareness to be healed. Are you meeting your challenges with love or fear? Recognize your part in creating,

then remember your spirit has the solutions to your problems. It is simply seeing in another way. You are working toward freedom as you build again with love and

regard for one another. There is vast energy focused on your planet, and this shakes things up. Perhaps you will feel that life is targeting you. Dear ones, it is so

important that you learn to be in integrity with yourself and each other without blame. You are spiritual beings, and most of you realize you are in the process of

cleaning up what does not align with love. As more awaken to light, the understanding of unity will spread and many will make the connection that hate accomplishes

nothing. There is a great deal of emotional release in gaining wisdom. Let yourselves release dear ones, all the old programs and fears, then live in confidence that

peace and love will once again reign. Your bodies are letting go of so much it is wise to visualize golden light filling your being and assisting in releasing cellular debris

from your ancient past. You are all, ever connected. As volunteers on earth you chose to help release the old patterns deeply ingrained in the past. We assure you

that you are capable of accomplishing what you came to do. Let gratefulness fill your heart when you are feeling down. There is always so much to be grateful for

in every life. Each of you are mastering life in your own unique way and passing on the learning to the cosmic mind. All may draw wisdom from the source of divine

mind. Your every lesson is important to the whole. We recognize in each of you great potential, unlimited resources spring from your spirits. As you let go and let

life flow from your inner spirit, greater beauty and peace will be yours to enjoy and share. In diving light, Babaji
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