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Please remember, dear ones, your efforts toward peace do not go unnoticed, as has been mentioned, all loving thought and actions are recorded by the cosmos. You

are all adding to the cosmic knowledge in all you do and feel. Some direct you toward fear, because this energy has been manipulated. Dear ones what do you feel

is the strongest, love or fear? You can trace your lessons back to a place where you began to understand that love always creates a positive result. Some forget

and then it is necessary to repeat lessons again and again until love is chosen as the energy of wisdom. It always comes down to choice and you are living choice in

every moment. When the balance toward love increases in your field, you will notice this. Those in denial, are choosing also. There is always movement toward

balance, but it is not always implemented and in the imbalance more lessons emerge. You are creating on such a level that sometimes you may feel overwhelmed.

Too much, too fast as the spirit within waits to be acknowledged and recognized as truth. Some hold back out of fear, fear of making change, fear of creating

differently. Not all respond to love dear ones, because they have shut off the inner senses and look only to the outside for information. Hence, these your brothers

and sisters choose ignorance for a time, but do not be surprised if many more turn to the light when understanding dawns. It is ever helpful to surround the earth

with light and loving intention, recognize your power in this. You are all remembering that there is more to you than you had previously imagined. The creative spark

is ever ready to be tapped into and aligned. The spirit is sovereign, wise, its' reality is vast and unlimited. Think about this , dear ones, let your imagination stretch

beyond your past limited ways of solving problems. Remember all knowledge is available as you learn to tap into this vast reservoir. Think of the creative thought of

every being that has ever lived upon the earth. Each has added its own unique knowledge to the world. This is what is available to all of you. As you extend

yourselves in love, this vast knowledge integrates once again on your earth. Babaji
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