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Dear ones, every nation in the world has made an agreement to play a certain role in this cosmic play. At one time these nations were merely land masses before

being thought of as property or ownership. There was once unity and peace in the world for long periods, golden ages before your mostly false histories were

recorded. (You are better served to look at your so called myths and study these). The nations of the world are representing certain aspects of human emotions.

Some are warring, some imperialists, some peaceful and humble. Each is a part of the mirror that sends a message to the cosmos. Those nations that do not

respect their inhabitants or the inhabitants of another nation will fall. If a nation is not united in peaceful action, it will fall. A nation that destroys in the name of

progress will fall. Does that not give you pause? The nations of the world have moved in the direction of self preservation without a thought of the rest of the

world. This repression and greed has become a cancer on the planet and it cannot continue in this way. You are all aware of this. You can see that it cannot

continue. Chaos only creates more chaos, and then it destroys itself. In the same manner, you are acting as fragments of the divine, undergoing the same process.

If you are not united in love and concern for others dear ones, you are heading for destruction. The body was made to interact with the world and relate in a loving

manner. When there is a lack of unity the facade begins to crumble. Therefore, recognize the darkness, the chaos that resides within your body and mind and heal

it. As this is taking place in each being, it translates to the earth- to the place that one resides, so as numbers of those who choose love increase, there will be less

chaos apparent, yet the old standard must go, it is based on the false and as a defective construct it cannot continue. As all is energy, you will all have an hand in

how this energy will be restructured in a positive construct that unites instead of separates. The nations that are humble and care for their people will be the

leaders. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Life is not disconnected as you have all been taught. The entire cosmos is based in love and through

creation all eventually come back to love. The experiment on earth is certainly not over, you all have a hand in recreating in love and peace, learning to love all

peoples as one. Hardship is only created in cause and effect, the balances that bring all back to order. There is order, dear ones, lest it seem the world has gone

mad, there is a plan and a greater structure in place that is not apparent to most, yet it stands ready to fulfill its purpose and pass the lesson on to other emerging

planets. The players are all assembled to complete the experiment begun long ago in this linear time construct. Always align yourselves with love, dear ones, it is

what will pull the pieces together to form a new and beautiful creation. There is still to come true unity and balance. Babaji
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