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Originally Posted by Tedmil
I considered this phenomenon as you said a transitioning out of a dream state. I don't think that is the case now. I've been roused out of sleep, in a state of confusion and still active in the dream. The difference in the noted cases I was aware I was up, knew I had a dream and was actively thinking about it. The face had nothing to do with with the dream.

I agree with the guess of a spirit guide/angel. On a couple of occasions I woke out of sleep and found myself flooded with thoughts about a particular person. There seemed to be no control of these thoughts as if they were being downloaded into my unconscious mind and becoming unnoticed as I became more or less alert.

I think the face is of the same person as who the thoughts concern. I guess I'd like to have proof. I thought about trying to get an actual photo as difficult as that may be.

If you are aware then that counts out that first theory I suppose. Being conscious of someone when waking could also be a premonition. Could this person represent emotion?
There are countless questions to ask yourself to do a process of elimination.

The main one would be: What state of mind are you in when you go to sleep, are you happy, sad, agitated, angry, anxious?

If you are prone to getting messages from beyond then there is more of a chance that this is some sort of a message for you, or even the support of a spirit for your life.

Regarding a video of this, its interesting. You could record your expressions when sleeping and waking to see if there is a pattern, along with keeping a dream diary to assess your findings. Write things down like dates and times if anything out of the ordinary happens. You can then look back and maybe find a pattern.
It is certainly a source for interest and study
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