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Originally Posted by Baile
Not sure what the ?? and !! is all about, I was simply pointing out that you believe it's all pointless. And you also say things like "We're already in hell," and "Being spiritual is hogwash." Your attitude and beliefs appear to be working for you. And I say unfortunately because it doesn't sound like you're particularly happy in life.

those are question marks and exclamation marks... punctuation of sorts

when you see the world for the lie that it really is... and i sincerely hope you never do... then you may begin to understand why i would use such words

attitude and beliefs have nothing to do with it... if i have false beliefs that we live in a utopia... that wouldn't change anything... i would simply be lying to myself and why would i want to do that? i could affirm that to myself over and over again but hey... i would just be wasting my time... affirmations are a hoax
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