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I was raised with an understanding of the 7 chakras and was encouraged to take them for granted. Included in this was an understanding of evolution- as beings learn to use energy in different ways, then their energy bodies change and correspondingly their physical bodies change. Also, as this shift in using energy happens, some energy centers become vestigial and are yet present in our energy bodies, though may not be used in the same way, if at all.
It seems to make a certain sense, although I haven't got much personal experience to back up these notions.

I do have personal experience of three centers of energy, but don't have much information beyond that. I will say that I'm continually drawn to my throat, which may indicate an experience of a fourth energy center corresponding to the throat chakra, but that remains to be discovered.

I sometimes have contemplated catsquotl's sentiment that there is a seeming willingness to accept much spiritual information at face value - perhaps too easily - but I ultimately consider information to be neutral and only as useful as it can be in any given moment to a being.

As for removing chakras - why not? Energy seems to be following will, for a moment at least. Whatever a being does with its energy seems to be permitted without bounds. I am convinced that consequences are inevitable, but life goes on and on; plenty of time to make course corrections and the like.
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