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Many moons ago, I accidentally discovered meditation. I should say, It found me. I did not find it. I was fascinated by what occurred and decided to see if I could replicate it. Yep. Not only that, but I then discovered that I could go deeper...and even deeper still. As I did so, my metabolism was growing slower each time. The body would appear very white and cold. After 9 months of many hours a day, learning to go ever deeper, one night I was only hoping to have my first astral experience. Instead, I expanded. It was much like fluid electric waves of color until I felt I was the size of the known universe. Suddenly, I sensed that I was not breathing and could not detect my heart beating. I panicked, and then my heart went into what I thought to be a full-blown heart-attack. Then I felt my heartbeat drifted away. In milliseconds I went from the size of an atom within an atom ( and everything went black) to the vastness of the universe where everything was white. In more than I can describe here, I went into the tunnel at the same time. A vision occurred at the same time all this was happening where I was walking up a tremendous staircase to these doors the size of the Empire State Building. As the doors opened, I could see a light. As I rushed through the tunnel, I became the Light. This, I would say, is the one most incredible experience of my entire life. A voice then said 'Go back'. It was not my voice. ( Someone later told me that it was my own ego, and that is how much we resist the Light.) I obeyed, and I came back. When I did so, I was depressed that I had to. My body felt so very heavy. Yet, I was stunned by the whole experience. No longer did I have a fear of death. I also knew there was a God. At the point that I was having the experience and I knew I was dying, there was but one thought that took me through my fear: that either there was a God, or there wasn't. I was to learn years later that apparently the meditation method that I was unconsciously using is called Kriya Yoga. I have tried to replicate this experience, but never have again. I have had other interdimensional experiences that have been right up there, but never one that topped this. I see no harm in telling others about this experience, because I figure that it's not as easy as it seems, and I also believe that on one can die before their time. I would imagine that great meditators in India and elsewhere can do this on a daily basis. Paul ( Bible) stated 'I die daily'. To me the true 'death' is the death of the ego. Anyway, I have shared something that I hope brings someone Light.