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Originally Posted by Dawn1976
Does anyone here have any advice for me? Anything I can try to hone this ability better? If spirits wanna pop in I don't mind, but if there is a message I'd like to make sure I can give the message to whoever the spirit would like me to give it to.


We are all so unique which makes giving advice hard to do.

As a medium I contact spirits. In this instance the impressions I get from your higher spirit self is that you know how all this stuff works. That you block your self from this greater awarenhess because in past lives having this knowing was dangerous. That self discovery these days is safer than it has been in the past. You know how to hone these skills and abilities better than any other person. The desire to do this is repressed or being restriced.

Now if you trust that you are loved, and always have been loved even when being aware and skilled got you killed, it would help. For to trust in love will awaken you beliefs about love and why we exist.

I hope that what I got will be useful to you.

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