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Haven't written anything on this forum for a long time, and just found this thread. TeamEffort, Angel occupant, if you see this, I was always curious about myself. I wouldn't say that I had a walkin in me, at some point, but I always felt like there was a time in my life where I changed significantly and I always wondered if it was because of merging with another soul. Also I noticed many times that when looking at my past and early childhood, that I felt somehow disconnected from it, and could never really feel myself as a child or connect with that energy anymore. If there was anything like that happening at al, It would more feel like that in my early childhood there was another soul with me, but then left because it was giving me trouble? I say that because I was strangely different as a child from everyone else, and I remember myself as a child often thinking about things and stuff I would never imagined a 6year and less old child thinking about. Granted children are amazing but still. If you have any possibility or power to check that I would appreciate it. It could just as well be, that I am one soul all the time, but just had many transformations, but I think it would be really interesting to know more. Thanks.
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