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Originally Posted by TeamEffort
Wow, two more. And yeah, tinted text is really helpful, because I can't always focus enough to pick up on subtle stuff like that. Her house can be chaotic sometimes.

I go off and do stuff on my own a lot too, especially if there's some big event like a bombing or natural disaster.

Thank you for the welcome and for talking to me here about this. I know it's a topic that a lot of people won't touch.
I don't mind talking about it, but never get the opportunity really.

I also have to deeply thank you for making this thread because up until today, I never made the whole connection between a Hindu Deity and the Grigori Watchers. I knew that Shiva lived inside me and spoke through me, but didn't really understand just who/what He was, apart from what the Hindu Scriptures said...until this thread appeared.

In the process, I also made the connection between the Runes and the Brahmi Script, The Seal of Penemue in relation to the Hindu sacred syllable of Om and then the relation of the Seal of Penemue to the Staff of Caduceus (Hermes) and the importance of it representing the central Spinal Nerve and the Kundalini encircling around it.

When I saw the image of Ashtar there was spontaneous and instantaneous recognition as to who/what I was dealing with here, then when I found out about the whole Sananda Initiative, the penny dropped...this is Shiva! without all the 'make-up' that Hindus have put on Him throughout the centuries (see my avatar).

So, I must thank you for opening my eyes.

My whole relationship with Shiva is something I talk about openly on here and nowhere else, because this is a spiritual forum and people on here understand such things. Sure, there are a few on here who believe I am insane as well, but that bothers me not. When He takes over my body and I am fully absorbed in that, any notion of 'Dissociative Disorder' becomes totally moot to the point of amusement.
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