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Originally Posted by Michelle11
That was fun and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. My higher speaks to me through song lyrics too

Hi Michelle.

I love the way it all comes in one continues flow, no effort at all, no stopping for a few mins, half an hour or how ever long it tacks people who write poetry to think of the next line, its just like some one talking to me and I write down what they say.

I first began to question it some time ago, I would notice what I used to call posh words when reading the poem back, and I'd have to look them up in the dictionary and they were always spot on.

But I cant just switch it on, last two times I was just about to go out, so I had to cancel what I was doing.

I just thought, what might be interesting is if any-one has some- thing they want me to put out there next time I make poetic contact post back,..... just a thought.
How many times does an angel fall.

How many people lie instead of talking tall.

quote David Bowie Black Star.

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