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Color My Higher Self/ Spirit guide said to me.

My Higher Self said to me.

(( Just remember you got to be free. ))

I said, 'years ago the Beatles sung that to me' .

He said (( yes, but now is the time for that to be.
Oh and by the way i'm a she. ))

I said to my Higher Self whats it like up there.

(( Well up here we all care.
O k, its like walking through a forest at night, but the sky is very colorful and bright.
All kinds of creatures meet you and have things to say.
They all communicate to you in there own special way ))

The thought of this nearly brought me to tears.
And started to banish away my fears.

That seems really really cool but to tell is that not breaking the rule.

(( He he there are no rules up here. ))

Yeah but you cant have a beer.

(( How do you know what go's on at this higher plane ))

(( Look let me explain ))

(( Before we meet I have no pre plan.
But you pre thought I was a man.
Fact is i'm not a he or she.
Up here you be what you want to be. ))

(( Also lets get one thing straight.
I do not engineer your fate, I'm to busy putting other things in motion.
And its not like i'm seeking self promotion.
Like I said up here we care, are thoughts are into what is fair. ))

(( I feel this channeled msg will soon be done. ))

Oh but before you go, are you and me as one.

(( Yes like the moon and the sun.
But for now Im very much from a far.
I'm kinda like your guiding star. ))

Connection suddenly ended.
How many times does an angel fall.

How many people lie instead of talking tall.

quote David Bowie Black Star.

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