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Originally Posted by richag77
I've seen many documentaries and books, youtube vids etc trying to explain the mystery of the building of, in particular, the Pyramid of Giza. They all skirt around the main problem which is how did the Egyptians place all of the 2.5 million blocks in position in the twenty years that it took to construct it.

They theorize that they used boats to transport the blocks from quarry to site. OK, that may be feasible, but the blocks being dragged up ramps to their relative position is ridiculous! If one uses a calculator we can see that that method would be way too slow. 2.5 million blocks put in place over a twenty year period would be 4 to 8 mins per block depending on how many hours per day the workers worked. We probably could not do it at that speed these days. Also, consider the kings chamber and the passages that had to be incorporated, not to mention the limestone cladding that was done after the stones were laid.

These professors continue to avoid the impossibility of their theories!

I have had dreams of this myself. I dont know how accurate they are. But as far as my dreams have shown me, 5-10 workers would use telekenisis on one block due to its weight to help build by the pharohs requirements. My dreams, specifically are related with the three kings, which were placed where on earth they felt the constellation of orions belt was, using that constellation to use as their most sacred choice for burial sites with those specific pyramids.
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