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Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
Almost full moon time again, so we're already in its energies.
It's full at 14:31 here - GMT+2 - so less than a day and a half away.

What I read is that it can create quite some inner upheaval, but I feel it is quite soothing.
I saw it rise last night and it was gorgeous! Even a little pink! I took some time to connect with it so the energies could flow better. I always ground that connection as well so that things that don't serve can flow away. It always feels so good to do that!
I feel it brings some calm and quiet after a period of upheaval (Mercury RX, Lion's Gate, both overlapping and then straight into the full moon energies). It's been quite the ride, hihi.

Hope you're having a good moon time too!

Lots of loving vibes no doubt. Amen
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