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strange dream of being in forest in sweden

I had a strange dream a couple of months ago that might be related to the subject here.
Before telling you what this dream was about, first let me tell you about a couple of dreams that I had had before, that somehow might be related to this one.
In one dream (3 months ago) I was anointed with oil on my neck and upper back by warrior angels of the Lord (the only true God and father of Jesus Christ) and a pair of wings sprouted from my back, as if I was turned into a warrior angel in the spiritual realm.
About a couple of weeks after that I had another dream in which I ended up using these given wings (it felt as if I was been taught/trained) to fight blue aliens/demons that had invaded the place where I was. Then I had a couple of more dreams in which I could fly, although very close to the ground.

Then, I had the dream that I would like to talk about here; very strange and did not make sense to me
In this dream I was in a city of Sweden (never been there nor am I planning to go or have any reason to go) in an open marked. I could see many [covered] stands where they were selling many different products, as it happens in most of open markets. I kept walking and got to a part of that market where there were many ethnic stands (Thai, Turkish, Greek, Israelite, Arab, Chinese, Japanese, etc). I decided to go eat something in the Chinese stand and I was accompanied by an Asian man.
After that we headed to a nearby forest where there was a sort of gathering (there was a fire and many people gathered around celebrating something, singing, drinking, etc). I got there a bit late and it was getting really late. Somehow I felt that I was not supposed to stay there for very long because there was something lurking around that made me uncomfortable. When I was walking through the forest to get back to the city I noticed that a very strange woman-like being was following me [while hiding behind the trees and jumping from tree to tree]. She could move very fast and apparently she was living in the forest. From what I remember she had long nails, short blonde pointy hair, thin face and blue eyes but the eyes surrounded by a black color (like black makeup), and dressed in what looked like orange but maybe it was leather. It looked like people were afraid of her for whatever reason but after a while she approached me and started inspecting me from very close, moving her hands in front of her eyes as if cleaning her eyes to see me better while at the same time moving her head to the sides and up and down to see me well. It was as if she wanted something from me, something that only I could do for her but also it looked like she was afraid of me and didn’t intend to get me angry. Note: when I get angry in my dreams and I am ready to fight my angel wings appear
Any ideas what is this about?

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